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If you are someone whom is tired of the mediocre life of working for someone else or in somebody's stigma, this is the team for you to embark on your real estate business and career.

We Believe in Helping our Associates in Growing their Business the REITS way:
R- Recruitment
E- Education
I - Investment
T- Training
S- System

Problems faced by Individual Agents today
- Lack of Training/Training is not Current
- No System
- No Guidance
- Not getting support from Up-Line

Problems faced by Team Manager/Leaders
- Lack of Training to help your agents
- Not enough value adding to your agents based on your own strength and time
- No time for own Sales
- Not getting support from Up-Line
- Difficult to grow your team due to limited time from Sales and Team Management

What Melvin Lim's Associates are saying about Melvin:

Iris Ho (Assistant Associate Marketing Manager )


“It took me lots of courage to walk out of my comfort zone and join this trade. I came into this industry at the start of this year, facing challenges from the new round of cooling measures; trying to balance family-work life and yet trying to find the stamina to stay focus in this trade. It can be very overwhelming and feeling sense of loss at times. I am thankful that my mentor, Melvin, is willing to commit his time and effort to provide the guidance and support while I was facing the challenges. He openly shares his knowledge and wisdom that he has picked up over years of experience. Without his guidance, I would not have succeeded in closing two HDB shophouse sales within the first 4 months I joined this industry. I am glad to be part of his team and look forward to learn and grow under his leadership….”

Iris Ho 许秀萍
Assistant Associate Marketing Manager 
Powerful Negotiators
Propnex Realty Pte Ltd


Kenneth Koh (Assistant Division Director)


Before I become part of the magnate team, I held a steady post in the logistic arena within a reputable MNC company, which has worldwide presence. It was a great leap of faith to make a career switch in my 30s but I realize that to do so, it’s now or never as time & tide waits for no man. 

I am grateful to have met great mentors like Melvin Lim and many other seniors who guided me well.  I was allow to grow steadily at my own pace as being in this sector, we take responsibility to create our earning. My mentor constantly ignite my passion to serve which becomes a must have winning edge in this saturated property sector.

It’s important to have close knit team mates, who not only spurs one on the uphill task to secure closing. Seniors /mentors are also great compasses that helps gives bearing for clearer direction. I consider it as my good fortune to have met selfless individuals in our group, who shares their experiences readily with me, thus allowing me to achieve results within such short span of time.

I learnt everyone within Powerful Negotiators is part of the winning team , being within this sector and with the right team allow us to make the best out of our choices!

Since we had taken the choice to be within this sector, we are also arm with the ability to breakthrough our own limitation and aim for the dreams that laid awaiting !

Impossible, break It , you will get I – M -Possible! Stay winning!

Kenneth Koh


Alan Koh (Associate Marketing Director)


Melvin has been a very supportive mentor and friends to me when I join his team till now. He has been working with me closely whenever I have issue or question. He has been helping me from choosing a GTA to presentation skill to whatever skills I need for this industry. He most than willing to share the skills and any information because our team culture is about Sharing.

The impact he and his team gave me is so great that last time I am just "HDB rental agent" but now , I not just continue doing my HDB rental, I even do rental ,sale and purchase in private property market because the skills which he and his team has share with me, give me the confident to talk to people about investment etc and not just a "buy sell rent agent".

All thanks to Melvin that I am producing better result now.

Alan Koh


Reggie Yeo (Marketing Associate)


My testimony for Melvin …. A true Leader.

The real-estate industry is a cold, selfish and challenging environment.  One wrong move and you are out of the game or even in trouble with the authorities.

When I joined this industry, I am very well aware of these challenges and was prepared to fight these battles ….  Alone…..

Well. I was wrong… I was not alone to fight these battles myself …  Melvin was there to help me every step of the way….

Melvin is my Division Director. Although he is nearly 20 years younger than me, he has proven himself many times as the capable leader that I am blessed to have.  Besides conducting training in a group, Melvin, even with his super-tight schedule, puts in time and effort to guide us individually so that when we meet our clients, we are prepared and confident. 

He keeps in close contact with all of us and very often encourages us to push on during times that are really tough.  He not only helps us to understand the business, but also shows us methods to improve and be productive.  By the way, when I mentioned “All of us”, I really meant EVERYONE in the team … experience sales person included, not just the newbies. 

Training sessions that he conducts are often light-hearted and very informative. It is held regularly so that we are constantly in touch with the current situation of the market as well as the new rulings. Sometimes, I wonder, with his tight schedule, how does he manage to prepare these trainings and still be one of the top producers in PropNex. I believe this person must be very discipline, very knowledgeable, very resourceful, and very passionate with his work. Most of all, he must have a willing and caring heart to share with others.  These traits of a fine leader, I find in Melvin.

To sum it all, Melvin’s coaching and guidance has helped me greatly in this real-estate business.  I can now conduct my duties as real-estate professional confidently and efficiently, and is able to be more productive.   And should anyone ask me, am I singing these praises just because he is my leader … ? My answer to them will be …”Why not …? He deserves them !!!”

Reggie Yeo

Our Training Programs in Powerful Negotiators

PowerUp Plus!

New to real estate? Equip yourself to start your career through our 9-session PowerUp Plus course. Through a mix of Theory & Practical sessions, you will learn about the Landed, New Launch and Resale markets, and also how to use the right Techniques & Systems. Trainers: Kelvin Fong Bobby Sng Jimmie Long Jimmy Loh Benjamin Tan Anthony Yeo   By the end of this course, you will be clear on how to kick start your real estate career, select the…

Power of Sharing

Are you searching for new ideas on how to boost your sales? Take some time to attend our monthly Power of Sharing sessions. Listen to our very own Top Producers, Consistent Producers and Team Leaders as they share their experiences with the team. So come pick up useful tips from our various speakers and benefit from their sharing on their successful strategies used. Trainers:     Richard Tan Rick Yang  

PowerUp Booster

Keep in touch with ground sentiment through our PowerUp Booster sessions. At this monthly event, you and your fellow teammates from Powerful Negotiators will gather to share on the current market sentiment and the areas to focus in. For example, in our PowerUp Booster session this March, we will be sharing about the opportunities available to us from the slowdown in the current general market. So grab this opportunity to meet, motivate, and bounce ideas off one another in our…

Business Start Up Program

Whether you are an experienced agent or a new agent, this is the orientation program for you if you have just joined Powerful Negotiators! In our Business Start Up Program, you will learn about the team structure such as how the team works, who “manages” which district, and our set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Through this introduction course, you will learn the basic but essential information that will help you to reap the benefits as a member of Powerful…

Power Up 10 HDB

Do you have an interest in specializing in the HDB market? In our Power Up 10 HDB course, you will be taught all areas that relate to buying and selling in the HDB resale market. In our course, you will also learn skills such as: - Financial Planning - Listing Presentation - How to serve Buyers - Viewing techniques So keep up-to-date with the latest policies, and learn the methods on how to move within the HDB resale market. At…

Secrets Selling Techniques

Enhance your practical skills; train yourself on effective speaking techniques, and learn to influence sellers to restructure their assets in today’s market conditions with our Secrets Selling Techniques course! If you have attended either Power Up Plus or completed previous Focus Group sessions, or simply are an existing agent who wants to upgrade your skills, join this intensive 10-part course and see your sales rise to the next level! Conducted by our very own leaders – Kelvin Fong, Laurence Wong,…

Essential Skill Program (ESP)

"Essential Skills Program" (ESP). An interactive training that helps identify participants' weaknesses for improvement & enhance their strength to achieve the success they desire in their Real Estate career. Personalised coaching method adopted instead of one way traffic classroom style. Polishing up skill set & creating new good habits methods will also be shared by participants. Current market strategies will also be part of training tips for participants to do well in today's competitive market situation. Trainer:    Cijay Tew…
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Melvin Lim

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Melvin LIM
Senior Associate Group District Director (PropertyLimBrothers Team)
CEA Licence No.:
L3008022J / R009814D
(+65) 8333 9850
(+65) 8333 9850